First kickstart on the cyberway to drive on the highway or to fly…
These days of Internet Age, booking tickets and planning a travel has never become difficult, as long as you carefully draft an itinerary. Whatever be the mode of transportation (roadway, railway, airlines or ships), you can always count on a quick website to do a travel booking for you at the comfort of your home/desktop and tickets delivered at your doorstep.
This post is actually intended as a compilation of various websites that offer travel booking to various places. This list is no means exhaustive. If you know a different provider, feel free to share it as a comment for the benefit of other readers.
  1. Indian Railways: IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation Site
  2. Roadways:
    1. State Express Transport Corporation
    2. Parveen Travels
    3. KPN Travels
    4. Rathi Meena Travels
  3. Airlines:
    1. Indian Airlines
    2. Air India
    3. Air Deccan
    4. KingFisher
    5. Lufthansa India
    6. British Airways

Perhaps if you know of similar websites, please feel free to share it as comments for the benefit of other readers.