HSBC — A Sincere Attitude Change to being Lethargic, Lazy and Cheat

Sometime back, I wrote about HSBC’s bad attitude towards RBI guidelines of issuing passbooks and their hidden charges about the FREE ATM Cards. You can check out the post here. For the past two months, I have been having unpleasant set of experiences with HSBC which I would like to share it over here for the benefit of other readers. Escalations upto does not elicit a standard response. Every response takes upto one week and it again just imitates as a copy-paste of the canned response, which provides an emphasis for us that they haven’t bothered to care about our issues.


  1. Block and reissue of Credit Card: I had an unfortunate incident of having credit card damaged about two weeks back. When I called HSBC Contact Center to report this, the bank executive offered to block the card and reissue at the charge of INR 100. I asked her to hold back block/reissue so that I can discuss this the next day. But she vehemently went ahead and blocked the card. A day later, when I logged onto Online@HSBC, I found the card account missing and only when I called PhoneBanking, the card block action of the phone banking executive came to my knowledge. I asked about any reissue. Fortunately this time, I had a courteous phone banker who offered me to waive the reissuance charge and arrange delivery of the replacement card. I think the number of courteous and active people in HSBC can really be counted with fingers. Since, after one proactive action, when I hoped that the card would reach in a week’s time, it took a fortnight [3 times a week].
  2. High Value Cheque Clearing Melodrama: I had to deposit a High Value Cheque from one of a Nationalized Bank to the HSBC account. The deposit happened at 0945 AM on Monday morning. I was expecting a SMS alert of Uncleared Balance (“Credit on Clearance”) almost immidiately since the actual clearance itself was advised to be happening the same day and the funds would be available for clearance the same day night. But only on Tuesday afternoon, I got the cheque being sent out for clearance. And only on Thursday night, the cheque amount came to my account. I had three queries to HSBC through online@hsbc:
    1. Why was the delay in clearance of a high value cheque?
    2. What is the point of having a high value cheque cutoff time when it was slower than a MICR clearing?
    3. Would I be eligible for a interest payment for delayed clearance?
  3. For all queries 2.1 through 2.3, I was getting standard canned response that ‘You are sending a request through unsecured email. Please send your name, date of birth, mailing address’ to assist you further. Alternatively, use our secure message option’. However, when I send a message through online@hsbc, it takes a fortnight for them to respond. I really want to know why does HSBC need all those crappy lengthy details like date of birth, address etc for a simple stupid query. Are they running a matrimonial bureau and are they going to cast my horoscope, do some bridal matches and arrange my marriage? 🙂
  4. When I escalate each time through PhoneBanking, the guys just put on hold and vanish into the wild.
  5. When I brought this to the attention of Nodal Officer, Chennai, about ten days later, some called me and asked for more details. She told she wants to check with branch and call me two working days later. And I was getting the response that the nationalized bank (“Canara Bank”) branch did not participate in the high value clearing and hence it was routed through MICR. But my Canara Branch, when I checked with them, denies this allegation outright and baseless. I just wanted to share with you about some of the mean attitude of HSBC staff just to shift blame onto others and wash-off their moral responsibilities.

In Today’s Dinamalar, there is a coverage of the article about delayed cheque clearances should be credited with a Fixed Deposit equivalent interest. I have again written to HSBC on this front. Let me share with you the message I get from.