Infinite Sink :: A Good Anti-dote for Telemarketing

You would have read about my encounter with a hostile telemarketer recently. I have tried deploying a simple ploy of having them hooked upto into a Call Conference when they attempted to call me from thier own numbers multiple times at the same instance. I actually used CallConferencing and I put my phone on hold. This way those two would be howling against each other at thier own expense. Since both are incoming calls to me, I would not be charged by my provider and also I am serving as a ‘connecting link’ (free EPABX kind of) for the telemarketing organization. Am I sounding too very optimistic and social service kind of? 🙂

But not everyone would be comfortable with having a Call Conference facility active on the mobile phones. Hence I just thought of sharing a concept which we can send as a suggestion to our network operators. They can provide some thing like ‘Infinite Sink’ number, which should be Toll-Free. When a telemarketing call comes, we should just transparently transfer the call to this number. The Sink Number would start reading about promotional offers for the telemarketer.  I am actually trying to see an implementation example for ‘Reverse Telemarketing’. This way, we are helping out our network operator with some free ad targets for their promotional offers.

Extending it still further with more innovation, the ‘Infinite Sink’ number can also play some music, recite slokas or scold them too. In that way, you can make the telemarketers get bored out of thier folly and they would try to correct themselves.

Readers: What do you think of this ‘Infinite Sink Toll Free’ number concept?