Reverse Telemarketing

These days, inspite of having stringent regulations in place and TRAI having launched the NDNC and trying to implement it strictly, telemarketers are going scott free. In a way, they are also trying to be abusive on the potential prospective client/customer, if they refuse to accept their offers. I would say, in a way, they are trying to involve in a diplomatic beggary (translated from Tamil what we call as அதிகார பிச்சை).

I just thought we should try some novel strategy on these telemarketers and try to make some benefit out of them too.  How about having a ‘Reverse Telemarketing’ applied on them? By ‘Reverse Telemarketing’, what I mean is that when a telemarketer calls you, you should not warn him of NDNC or shoo-shoo him away with a ‘NO’ for his offer. Rather, we should try selling or advertising some product/service to him. Let me illustrate this with an example:

Telemarketer A calls you right after your lunch when you are busy preparing an important accounts excel sheet. You should not shoo-shoo him away. Rather you can take a moment of time and try to explain him some of the things like the below.  

  1. Try to showcase offering of NDNC Telemarketing Registration. Convince him about some benefits in the same style as he sells his product. He should soon be bored off this and should run away.
  2. We can also try making a deal with the telemarketing organization to donate some amount to a charity organization. Ask him to donate an amount of INR 20000. This way, we can make the telemarketers realize their folly and run away.

I would rather suggest, this would be a Tit-for-Tat strategy to shoo-shoo the telemarketers since they succumb to listening to product/offers on thier own style and also the outbound telephone call is paid for them.

 Readers: What do you think? This would reduce our tension when an unsolicited call rings next time on our phone and make the situation humorous for us but would make the telemarketers scream hysterically. 🙂