Acute Effects of Inflation Pinching the Pockets and Soiling the Wallets 

The significant trend of increasing inflation, as a global phenomenon these days seems to be really really acute. I really wonder, if governments across the various nations are really doing something to lessen the people’s pain. I just wanted to quote two of the incidents which could be significantly quoted as an acute effect of inflation and paining poor people very much.

 In T. Nagar, Chennai, I used to normally drink the cool sugarcane juice, which is like priced at INR 5 per glass. It is a really great and cool juice to pacify your tiredness of travel cum shopping besides quenching the thirst because of roaming under the hot sun. Just observed last week, that the price of this has been increased to INR 7. I am not blaming the shopkeeper since because of increased procurement costs and inflation effects on his own lifestyle, he is being pushed to increase the price of the same.

Similarly a number of commodities (including edible and eatable stuff) have been increased of their prices because of these inflation trends. I think the Governments should pack off their street fights with the opponent parties for a while and sit down to think constructively on tackling this inflation menace and bringing some relief to the people.