Diminishing Humanitarian Values
I have been thinking of writing this for a while but time constraints and availability of free time had been the major bottleneck that prevented me from sitting down and writing out on this topic. Today since I was relatively free, I just thought I would sit down and get a jotting on this topic.  I have a few incidents to share on this topic; a few of them where I have been directly participating in the scene and a few of them, I have witnessed as an audience.
  1. Scene 1: About a month back, I was travelling from Chennai CMBT to Velachery in D70. Whilst I was casually trying to arrange my bag while being seated in the bus, my ID card just fell down and I had to pick it up and place it inside the bus again. The guy next to me, who seemed to be a Max New York Life Insurance trainee salesman, saw the ID card and since understanding me as software professional, immediately barged into an unwarranted conversation like ‘What is your name?’, ‘Are you interested in insurance?’. I accept that as a trainee he would be having pressing targets to achieve for promotion. But for that reason, is this the way these guys make a road block on every person on their crazy and frenzied sales pitch? We have good NDNC initiative setup in a good samaritan gesture of controlling unsolicited telemarketing calls. I admit that we do have setbacks currently but we are progressing to setup the NDNC registry correctly in our nation. I feel, there should be a similar move to contain this unsolicited sales offer menace on the roads. Once upon a time, there used to be a move to handshake each other for friendship. Now, this good gesture has been wholly captivated to make a good move towards money-minded mindsets.
  2. Scene 2: During my previous stay in Irving, Texas (February 2007 to May 2007), I wrote to one of my school friend who is currently settled in Missouri. Her spouse and his friend seems to be associated with that Britt Worldwide marketing stuff. Immediately, I started to get frequent telephone calls from them to see if can I join their crap network. I really haven’t met that guy. I am really annoyed on how even his spouse’s friendship is being harvested illicitly for the sake of building such ‘underworld’ networks. When I say ‘underworld’, I mean that. When they don’t have a value for humanitarian values, they are to be branded as ‘underworld’ right?
  3. Scene 3: This is a continuity of Stay 2. There has been a few crap members in my workplace team, rather filled and overflowing with envy on my current travel. Almost on a everyday basis, there should be a instant message with expressions like ‘Hmm… Hmm, How is trip?, When is return?’. I really don’t understand why people can not understand that everyone should get the benefits of hardwork they put in, rather than ‘sucking others blood’ (as blood-sucking leeches). After my previous return, I also witnessed, a few of them involving in a little to more ‘groups’ with a sinister attempt to involve in sarcasms of meagre to major degrees. I wasn’t perturbed a bit because of these anyway since I knew very well that it only adds stress and because of my immune reflection that I presented them back, I was able to add ‘stress’ to those crappy fellows.
  4. Scene 4: In Chennai typically in Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses, there used to be seats for women folk reserved separately. However, sometimes they squabble up the space for other men folk too even when their designated areas were available free. The nett result is that in subsequent bus stops, a few men folk who originate from start to final destination of the bus have to commute standing. Though this is not a big deal though, at times when there are ill-patients, senior citizens commute, I really feel that anyone should try giving them a seat, beyond these stipulated boundaries of reservations right? In the ‘Scene 1’, I described, there was another incident when an old woman was struggling and commuting with heavy baggage after boarding the bus when none of the women folks cared to give her a seat but were chit-chatting away some unwarranted stories.
I just thought of sharing these incidents with others since I really feel the value of humanitarian attitude is diminishing like anything and some base-minded people are trying to make monetary benefit from anything and everything to satisfy their bestial instincts and pleasures. The dire need of the hour for us would be identify such creatures and keep them aloof so that those skunks don’t infect us in anyway.