Lack of After-Sales Service in India
I have been trying to write on this topic for a while but for some reason, it has been getting delayed and sticking on to my Todolist. Just thought I would sit down today and draft it out.
Take out any product in India like sale of computers or home appliances like washing machine. The eagerness and endeavor shown by the sales force in getting to sell the product/service and expand its customer-base is not reflected or sustain in having its existing customer-base satisfied.
I have two existing samples:
1) Sale of computers: In India, at least on Sundays, you can observe scores of advertisement on sale of computer products like PCs, printers etc. But when it comes to some defect in the product (even within the warranty period) and you need to have the representative to service it, you need to run behind those suppliers to get your request addressed. Taking it one step ahead, some unscrupulous sellers, even on the pretext of servicing your PC, remove some more parts and replace with substandard components thereby the problems get intensified and hence you would be forced to part with the equipment on a very cheap exchange price and go for a fresh sales from them. This is one cheap trick they deploy to make good a booty from their illicit trading practices.
2) Washing Machines: Whirlpool India seems to be investing so much in advertisement of its products but when it comes to servicing the sold out piece, at least, in Chennai, the representatives ensure that the customer is really in a deep whirlpool and make them run pillar to post to get even a simple defect get rectified.
I feel that the Consumer Awareness should be cultivated more high amongst us. Just thought of sharing this URL of ICRPC: Unless these unscrupulous providers are brought to book and punished, these guys would go on ill-treating customers.