NDNC Violators List

We have been speaking about NDNC and also the various offenders who keep striking us and disturbing our tranquility on our mobile phones at odd times with those pesky calls. I just thought, why can’t we offer a little service to NDNC/TRAI by having those offenders listed in an Internet Spreadsheet. That way, any visitor can know about the ethics of the organization before trying to partner with them or avail their services.
The hosted spreadsheet is available at this URL: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/deepakvasudevan/ndnc-violators-list
To start with, I have included the following columns in the spreadsheet:
  1. S. No.
  2. Organization
  3. Originating Telephone
  4. Date and Time
  5. Call Type (Include a brief nature of the call mentioning about the caller name (if introduced))
  6. Occurence/Frequency (Number of times the pesky call repeated in the same day)
  7. Miscellaneous Comments
  8. Penalty Per Occasion [Lookup at NDNC website at the prevailing rate of penalty for pesky call]
  9. Eligible Penalty [Multiply items in column (Penalty Per Occasion) and (Occurence/Frequency)]

I also think the following should be useful:

  1. Cumulative Total [It should automatically sum up the penalties eligible from the offenders]
  2. Cumulative Total Per Organization
  3. As we develop this application, we can have a small chart/graph drawn out to depict the offences committed by the TMO (telemarketing organization).

Contact deepak.vasudevan (at) rediffmail.com with the following options: 

  1. Subject “REPORT” and include details like (1) through (9) to publish details of pesky calls that you recieved on your mobile number. Please mention the number on which the call was recieved for logging purposes.
  2. Subject “VOLUNTEER” for the following purposes:
    1. If you are interested in volunteering to moderate the spreadsheet, please let me know.
  3. Subject “HELP” if you need any other information about this project.
  4. Subject “BUGS” if you come across any issues in the spreadsheet