Pokkiri — Film Review and Aptness to today’s Society

Today being weekend and due to little hot weather and hectic schedules during business week, I chose to stay indoors, take some rest. I had an opportunity to view the film of Pokkiri in Google Video (starring Vijay and Asin). I feel, though at the surface level, the film looks little violent, it carries tonnage of information and message to the society. There are a lot of learning for everyone from the film.

I would like to enumerate through a little of the learnings as bulleted points below:

  1. Diminishing humanitarian values. People nowadays often succumb to their avarice and selfish interests  and even go to the extent of sabotaging others’ interest. I myself have discussed my own experience over here.
  2. The lust towards other women. People don’t see other women as sisters. Particularly, the ‘power-ful’ departments like Police department seems to be having very number of base-minded staff who abuse women-folk to satisfy their bestial instincts. A quick Internet search got me ‘Chidambaram Padmini’s story‘.
  3. Avaricious greed of cops which make them succumb to bad men in purchasing them.

I think after really a long time, I got a chance to view a movie which carries a lot of messages for the society. The way the film has been taken is like harsh though, I accept. But the underlying message is quite important too.

On the acting front too, I observe that Asin has taken a rather serious role with Vijay unlike her other films where romance was assuming prime importance.  The gentle nature of Asin in supporting Vijay is really to be appreciated but sometimes her tender nature seems to be playing against her like the one scene where the ‘bad cop’ overpowered her. I would say, women need to be more brave.