Now we can afford to breathe fresh oxygen in India …

The Union Health Ministry of India has rolled out a significant ban of smoking in public places all over the country. This ban comes into effect right from the birth anniversary day of Mahatma Gandhi (October 2). Check out a complete review on the same over here.

As always, there has been some opposition from tobocco companies and the Union Health Ministry has taken a bold initiative to ensure a fresh oxygen within the Indian subcontinent.

We welcome this move but there are a few more questions to be answered by Government:

  1. How effective would be the ban? While the law prohibits smoking in public places, how effective and stringent would be the implementation; how much would be the vigilance of the cops and how far would the cops be truthful to book the offenders instead of using this as yet another cash-cow to fill in their wallets!
  2. Tobacco is also a cottage industry. What are the rehabilitation measures taken by the Government for those people whose livelihood is affected by this ban?

Let us wait and see the moves …