Citibank Personal Loans — Roaring Laughter Telemarketing Session
 Background Information on the Call:
  1. Telephone Number: +914442159354
  2. Date: 5th December 2008
  3. Time: 10:54
  4. Call Duration: 45 seconds
Quick Conversation Progress:
Telemarketer (TM): We are calling from Citibank Personal Loans. Since you have a relationship with us, we are giving you personal loans without approvals.
Me: Good Morning. You should introduce yourself first.
TM: We are calling from Citibank Personal Loans.
Me: How much loan is being disbursed?
TM: How much are you expecting? What is your job?
Me: 2 Crores. Along with a condition like ‘You need not repay the loan. This is a gift from Citibank’.
TM: How it is possible?
Me: Did you check the Do Not Call Registry before dialling the number.
TM: <banged the phone and ran away>
  1. Unsolicited Telemarketing Call is an offence in India and is a violation of DoT guidelines (
Report Proceeds:
This issue has been reported to the following as part of statutory compliance. I would keep you posted regarding updates from them.
  1. Airtel CustomerCare (Telephone Operator to register and serve a warning/legal action to Citibank)
  2. Citibank
    1. Customer Care
Thought Process:
Based on this telemarketing, call I am just thinking why shouldn’t we start something to make the best use of these telemarketers? Make them as a source of laughter.
Update on 25th December 2008.
This is a unique telemarketing incident serving as an inspiration to Mission Hilarity.