Fake Landline/Broadband Connection Racket from Airtel

Airtel Broadband and Telephone Solutions seems to be involving in an alleged underworld racket of associating fake landline connections with the mobile subscribers.

I have been recieving persistent text messages on my mobile number indicating information about a purported landline/broadband from Airtel.  I don’t have any such Airtel landline/broadband. The following are the chronology of messages from Airtel:

  1. Around September 29, 2008 “Dear customer, your fixed line bill for A/c 12677754 has been generated on 27thsep invoice amount is rs 509 due date is 17th October”
  2. 3rd December 2008 20:40:21 hours “Dear Customer, the restoration of Telephone faults is being done on war-footing post the rains. Kindly bear with us. Regret inconvenience. Regards Airtel”
  3. 3rd December 2008 15:55:31 “Dear Customer, u will receive free incoming calls on your mobile number with the parallel ringing feature until the Airtel Landline is restored”

Steps Taken:

  1. I have written to my Airtel Mobile Services at 121@airtelindia.com on 2nd October 2008 regarding the same. Other than the dumb service number request, there hasn’t been any update on it hitherto.
  2. When I called the Airtel Phone Care at 121, they just keep putting on hold and vanish into the wild.

I just thought I would share about this novel nuisance from Airtel for the information of other readers so that they can act safe from such and other similar messages. I think this gesture of Airtel is a blatant blindly aggressive attempt to show more landline connections and to amass quick bucks. TRAI or other administration authority should wake up from slumber before such issues go carcinogenic on the fine telecom spectrum of the country.