Mission Hilarity
We have been discussing for quite sometime about the rampant reckless telemarketing that brings us pesky calls during calm times making our mind aggressively boisterous thus jeopardizing the productivity of our normal work. Some of our community efforts to ‘contain’ this illicit telemarketing menace are: 

  1. NDNC Violators List (Thanks to TrafficViolators, for being the source of inspiration)
  2. Infinite Sink — A good antidote for telemarketing
  3. Reverse Telemarketing

 About a couple of weeks back, I just thought of why shouldn’t we make the best use of these erring telemarketers to be a source of hilarity. Laughter is the best tonic for all ailments. Each time, a telemarketer calls you, you should not scold them or cut the call. Rather, you should try the make the best to glorify the call as a source of laughter. This way, I see there are the following good advantages:

  1. The telephone operators can profit from the telemarketers call.
  2. A source of entertainment for you.
  3. It would irritate and intimidate the telemarketer to run away and try correcting their bad strategies.

 Note: Do not use this trick while you are in Roaming. In Roaming, even incoming calls are charged. As a matter of fact, try not to answer calls which are not in your PhoneBook while in Roaming. This post is an introductory post of the new concept of ‘Mission Hilarity’ to shoo shoo the telemarketers away besides serving as a good source of inspirational laughter and pleasant ambience to everyone.

 I am also creating a category an tag for this post as ‘missionhilarity’ so that future jokes that we are able to get on telemarketers in an ethical effort to fight and contain this menace can be logged and blogged with this tag besides an easy ability to track this category.