Anticipatory Driving Skills — Mandatory in Chennai India

 Running close to our recent discussions on traffic disciplines, our next focus would be need for anticipatory driving skills particularly in Chennai, India. Of particular interest, I would like to share the following points for the reader: 

  1. Lane discipline is mysteriously missing in even arterial roads. Cops are still just not visible anywhere when they are required. When there is a traffic snarl, anyone would just hit and climb up the median divider to trespass into the opposite direction in an attempt to blatant overtaking.
  2. In US, there is a signal called ‘Yield’. You need to wait before joining the expressway from side roads. We do not have these type of signals and hence even vehicles on main roads need to be doubly careful when there are traffic intersections.
  3. There is also a reckless use of indicator lights. People often sound blatant horns but seldom make the correct use of indicator lights or hand signals. What’s worse, you can find a warning behind some vehicles like ‘AC. No Hand Signal’.

 In one tamil film, comedian Vivek used to joke ‘An autodriver in Chennai would put left indicator, show right hand signal but just go straight”. Such is the state of affairs of road discipline in Chennai. Hence, driving skills alone in Chennai are not sufficient. Anticipatory driving skills (to anticipate any one to violate traffic rules and jump in our route) to manage surprises is the need of the hour till at least the traffic cops wake up from their deep slumber.