ICICI Mount Road Chennai, starting contributor to Mission Hilarity
Not long after we launched the Mission Hilarity, I just got a telemarketing call from ICICI Bank, Anna Salai branch on 22nd December, 2008. I could not control my laughter but somehow managed to pickup an interesting conversation with the starting contributor (telemarketer). The rest of the post would in a conversation format:
Background Information on the Call:
  1. Telephone Number: +914439878265
  2. Date: 22nd December 2008
  3. Time: 12:45
  4. Call Duration: 2 mins 31 seconds

Conversation Progress (Mission Hilarity):

Telemarketer (TM): Good morning. This is Ramana calling from ICICI Bank, Anna Salai branch. Since you are holding a platinum credit card, we are proud to offer you another credit without any application forms. Is this address of yours correct? <reads the address>
Me (Views and Reviews, for Mission Hilarity): Greetings. What is your name told?
TM: Ramana
VR4MH: Ramana (I gave a little expression and intonation expression similar to the one Inspector Govindan would give in Pokkiri whilst telling the rowdy Thamba name). What is your qualification?
TM: Why sir?
VR4MH: You are trying to help me with a nice new credit card. I just thought if I know you better, I can help you too.
VR4MH: English medium or Tamil Medium
TM: English Medium
VR4MH: How did you join ICICI?
TM: I saw the job posting in ICICI Bank website and applied for the same.
VR4MH: Do you know that you should lookup some registry on ‘not to be disturbed numbers’ before calling. You may be penalised for crossing that lakshman rekha.
TM: No sir. I don’t know any such thing
VR4MH: Didn’t your supervisor guide you before starting the task?
TM: No. He didn’t tell anything about that.
VR4MH: Well. Thanks for the conversation. Have a great afternoon ahead.
This particular telemarketing call has two offences concealed in it. They are:
  1. Unsolicited Telemarketing Call is an offence in India and is a violation of DoT guidelines (http://ndncregistry.gov.in/ndncregistry/index.jsp)
  2. Unsolicited Credit Card is an offence as per circular from Reserve Bank of India [RBI / 2005-06 / 211]
Report Proceeds:
This issue has been reported to the following as part of statutory compliance. I would keep you posted regarding updates from them.
  1. Airtel CustomerCare (Telephone Operator to register and serve a warning/legal action to ICICI)
  2. ICICI Team
    1. Customer Care
    2. Do Not Call Cell
    3. Head Service Quality
    4. Escalations