Illegal Travel Operator in Chennai (T. Nagar) restricting people from approaching Consumer Forums …
Following up with my Sabarimala trip this year, I just came across some of the unscrupulous business practices of Sri Surya Travels, operating from T. Nagar. To make the best of the season and to fleece the Ayyappa devotees, these guys resort to the following cheap business tactics:
  1. They spin off a seasonal travel organization called ‘Sri Dharmasastha Travels’, possibly for evading Income Tax (?)
  2. They promise pushback 2×2 but on the tour day an old bus of ordinary 3×2 is being brought by them. The differential fare per passenger between the bus types and hence the accumulated profit difference becomes a good booty for the travel operator.
  3. In the reciept, they mention the following rule in the reciept that is issued by them to pilgrims:
        “The passengers should not confront them in consumer courts in occasions where the service provider fails to keep up the quality of the service. The exact Tamil word in the reciept is as follows:

15. டூரில் ஏற்படும் அசௌகரியங்களை மேனேஜ்மெண்ட்டாரிடம் தெரியப்படுத்தி முறையான சலுகைகளை பெற்றுக்கொள்ள வேண்டுமே தவிர கன்ஸ்யூமர் கோர்ட் போன்ற வழக்குக்கு வியாக்கியஙகள் செய்யக்கூடாது என்பது எங்கள் டூரில் கலந்துகொள்ளும் அனைவருக்கும் ஒப்புக்கொள்ளப்பட்ட விதியாகும்

The head of Surya travels is Lion Balan. I just had a quick chat with him and found out that he belongs to Lions Club of Anna Nagar. I am just trying to investigate regarding the following:
  1. He is maliciously using his Lions Club membership to protect himself from any legal effects of the unscrupulous business practices that he is currently busy involved in. I am trying to get in touch with Lions Club chennai to investigate on this front.
  2. He also offers passport services besides tourist visa to various countries like Singapore. Given the cheap mentality, we also need to watch them for any possible illegal passport racket.
  3. His employees also seem to be sharing the same mean thoughts. When the bus was starting when a couple of us went to the office to fill waters, his assistant refused and was heard quoting ‘Water can is purchased for internal use. Please fill water from outside hotels’.
While we were waiting in the evening for the bus, there was one customer of Surya Travels who was talking long time in Balan’s cabin and he was coming out shouting because there were difference of opinion between some promised package tour services offered by them to him.