Waste of papers by private banks in India
While each of the bank and service provider in India is trying to bring out a paperless administration and billing besides even serving advertisements like ‘Get into paperless eBilling’, I just thought whether they are oriented truly towards saving the environment and conservative. There are little shocking truths which we can understand, if we delve a little deeper into their billing styles:

  1. Bharti Airtel Chennai for example offers INR 200 IndiaTimes shopping coupon for getting into eBill and discontinuing paper bills. However, as the pamplet says ‘find coupon inside’, there is no coupon inside the cover at all.  Also with each month bill, they stuff one flashy advertisement of some crappy service which is mostly unsolicited and unneeded by most of us. Even if they save by not printing that crappy paper they can save tonnage of paper.
  2. Once waiting at the HSBC, Adyar lobby, I just observed a sales representative opening the cupboard next to me. It was packed beyond space with handout of Personal Loans etc. They say it is just for the period of one month and they would complete the entire printouts.  Now I realise why these guys depute scores of collection agents in front of our offices brandishing some sick old municipality paper flashing with the words ‘Personal Loans’ and there would be a rubber stamp ‘Call some cell number’. Ethically, they should be giving only the official contact number of the bank but they would be giving some weird cell number of an agent.

Because of such reckless use of paper advertisements which about 95 per cent of the cases is unsolicited and which we just throw off after being squeezed onto us forcibly, the entire area also gets littered.
I just thought I would suggest the following workarounds to this menace:

  1. We should avoid throwing these papers. Take a bit of time to collect these advertisements, cut them into three or four and donate them to the nearest temple. In temples of India, they give KumKum (holy powder to put in our foreheads). People have the habit of collecting some for their homes also. During this process, most people would search for papers. At least, these otherwise rubbish would be turned into constructive use.
  2. Banks and service providers should consider using recycled paper instead of using actual full-quality papers unless and otherwise it is mandatorily required.

 Whilst discussing this with one of my friend, he was giving another little sarcastic suggestion. But after thinking a bit, I just felt there is an embedded reality utility value in the same. He was telling that each week he used to purchase tissue papers from his neighborhood grocery or supermarket. If the banks put their advertisement in tissue papers, he can first see whether the advertisement is of any interest to him. If not, instead of littering the environment, he can at least use it in his restroom thus saving a few bucks. Doesn’t it sound a good deal?