Indian temples should come under a non-governmental autonomous body for better administration

Of late the number of cases involving corruption in Indian temples because of undue unwarranted political interference has been steadily increasing. Some of the significant cases that are our concern are:

  1. Abolition of token system for safeguard of footwear in temples of Tamil Nadu for the purpose of strenghtening vote banks a few years ago had resulted in illegal contractors playing a bad game. I recently witnessed that in Samayapuram the vendor forces to buy cocunut and garlands and if you don’t buy, the footwear protection is charged premium fee besides an unwanted bargaining before entering the temple, which challenges the mental tranquillity.
  2. The unwarranted law that brings all caste as priests by the current government of Tamil Nadu seems to be injuring the sanctity of various temples. There are distinct and succinct rules and regulations to be observed for each temple and a simple law can be blindly applied to all temples challenging the rich heritage of our society.
  3. Distribution of christian missionary material in Tirumala – Tirupathi with alleged support of Y. Rajasekar Reddy government of Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Misuse of temple funds by Government — A comprehensive report by Hindu Jagruthi.
  5. Unwanted Orations: Besides these, there are people who target pilgrims who exit out of famous temples and pull them into unwanted discussions. Me and my friend who came out of Sholinganullar Pratyankara temple last friday had this incident of meeting one muslim guy who unnecessarily picked up discussion with scores of devotees and suddenly started to raise slogans in support of their religion.

    I called the conductor who pulled the bus to stop to kick him out to avoid unnececessary trouble brewing in the bus.

The best solution to these menace would be to separate administration of temples from government and have an autonomous body to administer them. For example, I really don’t find a valid reason for Hindu temples to be administered by HR&CE department of Tamil Nadu, when others do not come under government control.