The need of the day — Merit Minority Institution

Today when you knock at the doors of any engineering or arts/science college for any admission, the only daunting thing that confronts one is the treacherous caste-based reservations and a significant chunk of the colleges posing themselves as ‘Christian Minority’, ‘Muslim Minority’ etc institutions. I was thinking can there be some good samaritan who can bring the concept of ‘Merit Minority Institution’ wherein admissions must be purely on merit basis, without succumbing to any of the caste or religion hiccups without getting entangled in any kind of political spagettis.

I know I am demanding the 100% utopian concept however, at least there should be some move towards the most ideal situation rather than lamenting in the current state/plight of bad reservation systems forever. I am not sure what is the motto or secret behind these reservation systems? I really can not assess the benefits of these reservation systems. God has created everyone equal and all blood in the same red color. He has created brain for all (hope so :)). I am sure that the brain for everyone is made of same tissues and parts like cerebrum and cerebellum. When all these are same and God has demonstrated an extremely meticulous and similar creations, I am not sure why we should cling to all these freaking man-made reservation systems at all? After all, these reservation systems are designed by political bandits to strenghten their vote banks and build up their secret money chest at the cost of our hard-earned money.

Towards this, I love the film ‘Sivaji — The Boss’, which aspires to carry the thought that the NRI (Sivaji) tries to bring up and establish ‘Sivaji Foundation’ serving for the true upliftment of the society.  I really feel that cine field should try bringing up such films more in number to cultivate a renaissance in the minds of public and to help the society conquer the various maladies that are afflicting it.

At least, starting from 2009, let us realise these political tricks and try to work towards a society that is devoid of corruption and love for living beings all over. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.