Son-stroke sabotaging India Inc.

At least in the recent times a very number of incidents are happening in India demonstrating the effects of Son-Stroke crippling the organization/entity and in the overall bird’s eye view sabotaging the image of the nation in the global arena. I just thought let me discuss here a few of the son-stroke incidents here:
The exact dictionary definition of Son-Stroke would be nepotism or favoritism benefiting one’s male child. [Source:]
  1. Is Ramalinga Raju’s son the cause of his undoing? The fall of Satyam Computer Services is now attributed to the avaricious greed of Byrraju Teja Raju who was trying to amass fast bucks in his real estate business through Maytas Infra. Forcing his father through his mother, Nandini to squeeze Satyam’s resources into Maytas seemed to be the more compelling straw that broke the camel’s back.
  2. Karunanidhi hints at son rise in DMK. The leading South Indian political party (DMK) which had rising sun as the election (party) symbol seems to be having a transition. Instead of sun rising, the patriarch of the party seems to be busy in son rising. With his advancing age and failing health, his greed for power and getting his posterity in key positions all across the nation’s administration seems to be ever increasing and unceasing.
  3. Besides these I can share a story about son-rising in one of my previous organizations. One of the middle managers, who was suffering some sort of mental hysteria because of his impotency to get a son for many years after marriage was unwarrantedly trying to disturb the functioning of the organization by unethical means. Since it was a smaller organization and the CEO was very maganimous, me and a couple of guys including another manager was instructed to advise him and ensure the following objectives were met:
    1. His sinister goals didn’t disturb others
    2. His technical, managerial and delivery skills on the professional side are not wasted because of his personal problem.

      In India, this is a common issue. People tend to mix up personal and professional issues. The need of the hour is to keep them seperate and have a distinct line of demarcation running between them so that the development in each sphere is not disturbed whatsoever.

      At least with respect to this hysteric middle manager, the following were some of the events. The organization is currently no more in Chennai and with the recent Satyam issue, I just wrote the CEO on his personal email to know whether I can write a small analysis of the same. He was telling me that I can go ahead with the same and since there is no organizational binding on that guy or whomever. But he was again reminding me that the person is little hysteric and hence need to be little careful with him.

      At least three times, I remember, this guy was suspended for a period of two week to one month in the period of 2002 to 2003 for unduly involving in son-rising and trying to get others as his son by lavishing gifts or promising undue growth prospects. One of my colleague (Santosh Kumar Sinha) still bears a strong hatred for him.

I think, people should start cultivating the following habits:
  1. Try to distinguish between personal and professional work.
  2. Avoid involving in unethical son-rising at the cost of others.