What the cities/towns need immediately?
Each political party is promising and delivering different things now to gain vote banks. In Tamil Nadu, at least currently, the ruling DMK Party seems to be carried over by the thought that promising and giving away freebies can strengthen the vote bank and its administration fortress. But a deeper introspection of our city/town/country needs, what exactly we need. This post is a start of brainstorming session and I would invite readers to share thoughts on what they are looking out for in their city. Let us compile the thoughts and represent to the administrators at least for the betterment of our posterity.
  1. When you look at the various cities in US, each city has a defined committe which looks into the amenities and ensures that the city excels in the basic standard of living against other cities in the country. Take for example, ‘Irving City of Administration‘.Their most recent innovation is Citizen Patrol to help Irving City Police patrol to ensure crimes are redunced and people can breathe freely in the city. Besides this, the City Administration ensures good landscaping throughout the city to make it look lush green and pleasing.
  2. Radical renaissance required in our Police System. Currently, in India, the trust in the police system amongst all quarters of the people has reduced very much. A few instances of this observation are:
    1. Organizations hire private security people to guard their property
    2. When something is lost and you need to get a ‘Non-Traceable Certificate’, you just need to tender anything between 50 INR to 100 INR (depending upon the mood of the police station staff and the location of the police station in Chennai) and get the same. There is no effort made by the cops to search for your lost belonging.
    3. Once upon a time, they used to say that when you lock the door and go out of station, you should inform the nearest police station so that they can boost additional night patrol in your area. But the current situation is that when you inform the police station, it means you are setting up a red carpet welcome to the burglar.
    4. Last week, I went to the passport office to apply for a passport for my friend. When we inquired about the procedures and police verification stuff, one of the statements that the passport office staff immediately told me that police verification is just an eye-wash. Give them two hundred rupees and the thing gets sorted out immediately.

      Compare these with police departments in US. Each one have a good website and respond to complaints almost instantly.

Readers: I have initiated the discussion on security and landscaping of cities. Let me know what more thoughts you would like to be added here.