Fading Name(board)s …
Real Estates in Chennai construct gigantic residential townships everywhere in the suburban. They put good attractive archs to attract attention. But do they really maintain it? This is one big question that hits every one of us. I have a few instances of leading house construction firms in Chennai who are erring in little to big problems in Chennai.
  1. Right near Velachery on the Velachery – Tambaram Road, you can find a huge housing colony constructed by Doshi Housing. For the past one week, the I in doshi has fallen off and it now reads as Dosh Housing. I informed the security over there but he just brushed it out. The email on the website is eliciting a bounce like ‘Over Quota’.
  2. On the Velachery – Taramani road, you can find Vasanth Apartments. The name board has dropped the ‘h’ in apartments and hence it now reads ‘Vasanth Aparments’. Again, at least till now no response to the phone call to them. They don’t seem to have a website/email anyway.
  3. Poorly maintained lifts causing accidents in Jains Abhishek, Selayur
  4. I also recieved a message from one of my program manager working in a leading health care company in Kodambakkam High Road and put up in Jains Eiffel Gardens. He strongly discourages Jains telling that at least his experience is bad.
  5. My friend (Santosh Kumar Sinha) who recently got a flat in Jains Green Acres (Pallavaram) also has a bad experience of unwarranted delays in completion of construction and handover of flat keys to him.
  6. Around 2004, when I was looking out for flat purchase, I was trying to see Jains Abhinavan in Murugu Nagar (Velachery). Some of the promises made by them like water drainage service made feel suspicious. Hence I didn’t purchase from them. Now every year, I read from the newspapers that Murugu Nagar is one of the worst-effected during monsoons because of heavy inundations.
I just thought of sharing these with other readers so that we need to be extra careful with the builders in not being carried over the honey-coated words but only rely on the existing facts on what we see.