Interesting Paradoxical Names by some commercial establishments in Chennai
Today whilst waiting for a bus in Adyar to go to Guindy, I saw one security guy who had the uniform with the badge like ‘Trojan Securities’. I was quite surprised by this interesting name for the following reasons:
Security agencies are designed with a mission like protecting the assets of an organization or home from any pilferage.
In English, Trojan is defined as follows: “a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful;”
Isn’t it little interesting and conflicting? Similarly sometime back, there used to be a tailor shop in Pallikaranai which had the board like “மூதேவி தையலகம்”. In Tamil, மூதேவி (Moodhevi) is considered as Lordess of Poverty whereas Lordess Lakshmi is considered as Lordess of Wealth. There is a saying like this too:
மூதேவி செல்வது அழகு
லக்ஷ்மி வருவது அழகு
The way Moodhevi is departing is beautiful and the way Lakshmi comes in is beautiful. When there are such beliefs, some people naming the establishments on Moodhevi seems to be very surprising.
Another incident: I got a text message from some Boom Technologies some three days back — “An excellent position for the post of Senior Software Engineer in Chennai. We have sent the details to your email address. Please check and send your resume to us”. Again the name is like cute and curious one.
I am just wondering whether they are naming the business establishments in such a way to attract people’s attention?