The Cheap Selfish Ploy of Chennaiites
At least in Chennai, you can witness the following foray of cheap ploy deployed a handful of them to derive sadistic pleasures and to gain at the expense of others. A few of them are here under:
  1. Making a crowd to gather. When there is enough crowd, then instead of providing diligent service, to show excuse of the crowd and to escape from the moral and ethical responsibilities. The following places can be quoted as salient examples for this observation:
    1. Almost all government departments. I have particularly witnessed them in Office of Revenue Department, Cash Officer Desk of State Bank of India
  2. Delaying the normal service by lame excuses. When the issue crops up again, put a new excuse and a novel schedule for the same old task and repeat the same process.  HSBC India is the finest example for this ploy.
  3. Ensuring that their near and dear are only benefitted at the expense of others. Flatter others and in the process, to suck their blood for the benefit of thier near and dear. Our recent discussion on ‘Son Stroke’ demonstrates as a salient example for the same.
  4. Creating an unwarranted, tense and turbulent situation for others and thus reducing their overall productivity.

Would such skunks ever learn of their folly and the amount of sins they are accruing with the account book of Chitragupta.