February to March — The (Bank) Telemarketers Go Astray 

Starting from after Pongal holidays in January till the end of March (financial year), at least in Chennai and Bangalore, you can observe a stiff amount of telemarketing calls from various banks and non-banking financial institutions offering to sell various products without caring about NDNC and paying heed to any telemarketing norms/rules laid down by DoT and TRAI. This is also a good time to show a good citizenship gesture by sticking on the following quick tips to manage through these menace: 

  1. Report every incident to your telephone operator and ensure that they issue a warning notice or serve an invoice for penalty to the offender. Sometimes the operator call center might show gestures of laziness. It does involve a bit of effort from our side.
  2. Do not succumb to the sweet girl’s voice on the phone. The telemarketers deploy such ploy only as a sticky dragnet to catch the unwary.
  3. Let us also try to add these defaulters to our ‘Violators List’ over here.
  4. We can still use our Mission Hilarity to derive most fun out of the situation too.