Cops behind college students in Chennai

It is said that literacy would reduce legal complications and eliminate crime scenarios. However, in Chennai, at least in recent times, the number of face to face conflicts between cops and college students seem to be on an always ascending spree. I would recall a few incidents that substantiate this observation:

1. “Three students were seriously injured in a violent caste clash that broke out between two groups of students at Ambedkar Law College on Wednesday.The students waged a pitched battle, even as a posse of policemen waited outside the gates and news photographers clicked pictures.Knives, iron rods, wooden logs and tubelights were freely used by the clashing students. The police remained silent spectators, waiting for a call from the college principal for help.” (YouTube Video)

2. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to see a small public advisory put up by Chennai cops in many buses which reads as (translated from Tamil): “If you are disturbed in buses by college students, please call 9003130101,9003130102,9003130103,9003130104”.

What is happening to the state of Tamil Nadu? Once upon a time, the colleges here were a great welcome for many students including those abroad. Is the government in deep slumber to bring law and order in the state?