A Sort of Inferiority Complex …

Be it from the pages of history or the current day scenarios, there seemed to be a widespread inferiority complex amongst a section of the people. I am not sure on which category they should be put up in and hence I am leaving it to the wide and diversified speculation of the audience.

  1. For some reason, I have been observing that Bharti Airtel always celebrates and nurtures a greed on the state-owned BSNL. Whilst they support Call Forwards to all other private networking counterparts, it always says ‘Request not completed’ for BSNL numbers. And again, if you raise this issue to Bharti CustomerCare, they only end up portraying themselves as characters that stand testimony for our Thikkuvay Thandavarayan.
  2. There is one recent incident that I encountered and I just got confirmed with a lot of other friends that the newly launched BSNL Online Billing website does not load successfully through a complete transaction with either Airtel or Reliance connections. Tata Communications VSNL, BSNL and including many providers abroad do not face this issue. Is this again a treacherous initiative by Airtel standing testimony of their crooked initiatives in getting to the forefront by unethical means.
  3. Around the fag end of last month (February), I had a quick visit to District Employment Office to have my employment card renewed. Again, those brandishing all those community-certificates seems to be suffering a sort of agony in front of those competing from ‘Open Competition’. This comes despite the fact that the state administration is pampering them even if they do not possess requisite competitive skills in the market. The need of the hour and the impeccable robust solution to this can only be bringing out ‘Merit Minority Institutions‘.
  4. The recent uproar in Chennai High Court including pelting of rotten eggs on veteran advocate Subramanian Swamy and raising slogans peppered with caste-driven expletives against him is again a signal when sections of people are running into a sort of inferiority complex. They are unable to vent out their emotions and hence bursting out in a sort of hysteria. [News Source: http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=Advocates+assault+Subramanian+Swamy&artid=C0BGlaNexCk=&SectionID=lifojHIWDUU=&MainSectionID=wIcBMLGbUJI=&SectionName=rSY|6QYp3kQ=&SEO=Subramanian+Swamy;+advocates;+assault;+Janata+Part]

The better solution to the above inferiority complex would be setting up politically and industrially independant counselling units to cure the affected of their maladies.