.hmmessage P {margin:0px;padding:0px;} body.hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;} Landscaping in India

We have been observing the following unruly boisterous scenes in many parts of our nation:

  1. Reckless deforestation
  2. Inhuman treatment of dumb animals
  3. Destruction of public properties
    1. Pelting of stones on public transportation services like buses and derailing trains
    2. Reckless sticking of bills and stickers on fencing walls.

Yesterday I had a quick talk to a person who had been in the Electoral Services during last Lok Sabha elections. Along with the summary of key points learnt from him and also from the observations in Dallas, I would like to share a solution here for the partial set of maladies listed above.

According to the Election Commission of India report 2006, here is the list of political parties that are functioning in India. And now it is 2009. At least we have seen two new major political parties in Chennai coming up this period. They are DMDK (headed by Vijayakant) and TMMK (powered by Muslims in Tamil Nadu). Each of the parties claim a sizable chunk of supporters in each region.

If you take for example, Irving (Texas) has a citizen-powered community operating with this website. They have rich plans like the following:

  1. Patrols in support of Irving Police
  2. Landscaping support
  3. Cleanliness of Roads
  4. Strict discipline in public areas

I don’t think it is difficult to enforce similar strategies in our place. We do have something called ‘Friends of Police‘ in Chennai, but currently either of the Commissionarates (metro or suburban) is not interested in actively developing it. This blogger has personally written to cop@vsnl.net to get more details on the scheme. But there has been scant response to the emails.

When someone brings this to limelight, the state administration and police immediately excuse themselves as paucity of staff. The simple question is why can not the political parties’ muscle power and manpower be mobilized for the welfare of the country. The PDF from Election Commission website above lists a whopping number of political parties. If these strength can be channeled for landscaping and Friends of Police, I don’t think, it is that difficult to bring a stronger discipline in our nation, riot-free and make jobs difficult for terrorists and antisocials. Currently, the workforce of the political parties and their cadre are just misused to showcase the vote-bank strength of their leaders by shouting behind them slogans, going in processions, pelting stones at the slight stimulus of incidents against their leaders.

I think Lok Sabha elections are quite near. These political parties would disfigure very many apartments and building fences with their advertisements quite illegally. I just thought, if some one can make them think logically of using their cadre for a most constructive way for the nation. The nation currently reels under multiple challenges — economic turbulence and security issues. Currently, we don’t flocks of illogical mob chanting meaningless slogans against thier erring leaders. We only need handful of people who can exhibit true patriotism towards the nation in making it a peaceful piece of land on this planet.