An increasing phishing peril to Indian Banking Industry

At least the second part of June 2009 has witnessed a significant increase in the number of phishing websites that have been targetting indian banks. On a quick sample, my emailbox has been recieving on an average of 2 phishing emails per day from June 10 through June 21 and then the average has changed to 1 email per day from June 22 through June 28. I have been diligenty reporting each one to and so that these sites could be brought down quickly before they wreak havoc on more number of customers.

I am sure that the Anti-Phishing team at Axis Bank (and similar other banks) would have also recieved at least 10x number of similar phony websites. I just thought of sharing this message with other readers that they would need to exercise a heightened caution whilst transacting on their bank accounts online. Also, it takes a minute to report any such phishing email to your bank internet department so that this menace can be controlled quickly.

Here I would summarize a few email addresses to which you would need to report the full phishing email so that the internet banking team of the bank can bring such websites down.

  1. Axis Bank: (or)
  2. ICICI Bank:
  3. HDFC Bank: (and)
  4. Citibank:
  5. Canara Bank:
  6. State Bank of India: