Customer Care Of Private Banks in India — ‘We make the customer to pull out the hair in despair’
The latest trend of many private banks and other establishments like Vodafone India seems to be making customer care very hard to reach for the naive customer. They usher to ensure that the customers are just cows to milk as much as possible without needing to benefit them. Here are a few recent developments.
  1. Citibank: Whenever you call Citibank India, you would be required to punch in your long debit card number first. A few months before you were prompted to enter your telephonic PIN (to waive off any crazy q&a session with that cabbage phone banker). They have intentionally modified this to entering your date of birth. But when you transfer to the customer care, you should again opt to exercise your choice (1) Pending Query (2) General Query. You need to brief to them first your problem. He would summarize you again. Now he would put you on the IVRS to authenticate your TPIN. Again you have to brief them since by the time you go to IVRS and come, there is a good ninety per cent chance that the phone banker would forgotten your query only to greet you with ‘Thanks for authenticating your TPIN. How can I assist you?’.
  2. Standard Chartered: Even after you authenticate TPIN, you are always forced to have some interactive Q&A session with the phone banker. Some of the questions are:
    1. What is your name? [In future, they might include ”What is your dog’s name?’ too. :)]
    2. What is your account number/full card number? [Can’t they read it from the input I have already given to the IVRS?]
    3. What is your date of birth?
    4. What is your mailing address? [They might tweak this to “Where did you have your hair cut this Sunday?”]

      I challenged them quite a few times on the need for this redundant validation. They just have the same standard gibberish scribble (through Internet) and feeble replay (on the phone) that ‘for security reasons’. Not sure what is that curiosity in the crazy security procedure they are trying to use.

  3. Vodafone: Vodafone is another set of jokers. I believe we have a good length discussion on this topic already here.
There is also another incident with Citibank CustomerCare. I used an ATM near Tambaram and the Citibank statement was telling ‘Indian Bank Kancheepuram’. The phone bankers were just running away on challenging this info. When I wrote them, they wanted fifteen days to investigate and then scribble back with the crappy response that ‘You have withdrawn from Indian Bank, Kancheepuram’.
It is high time that we see that our funds are transferred to public sector counterparts and boycott these useless enterprises, who just make us feel uncomfortable.