Staggering list of political parties, sky-exploding list of cine star and celebrity fan clubs along with their massive membership base can really make a good community initiative
Whenever there is a interview with the top brass of city corporation or police regarding the slowness of law and order protection operations or civic community development procedures, the standard response that they give is ‘Paucity of labor’. They normally get to lament almost immediately on the slightest provocation of the question that ‘We are running short of staff to delegate to all spheres and areas. We are working round the clock to serve the people’.
I used to wonder what it causes them to voice such a blatant white lie when we have other occurences in the same city wherein the same personnel who when associated with their parent political parties never fail to show a solidarity of their big bunch of loyal followers and in an earnest attempt to demonstrate their ‘arm-strength’. I did some quick research over the political parties of India. The Wiki Page over here has a good comprehensive collection of political parties that are functioning from India. Each party, for sure, has good presence and command in their own areas of operation. Also, if we take stock of cine actors/actresses, amongst the thousands of them, each of them have a good amount of followers who literally worship them. I can cite the example of Khushboo, who is seemed to have adored by her fans with a temple near Trichy. Check out the Wiki page of Khushboo over here.
My only view was even the administrators could develop a community-conscious rapport with the political parties and cine actors, their entire mob can be transitioned as a good productive workforce for a number of constructive activities towards the upliftment of the society and the nation. A few of them, which I could immediately, think of are here under:
  1. Revamp and renaissance of the Friends of Police movement. This would complement the efforts of the cops who seemed to be having a shortage of labor in enforcing law and order in the nation.
  2. City/Town beautification efforts
  3. Quick relief disbursements

Readers: What do you feel? Do share your thoughts on this topic too…