The Other avatars of Telemarketing
Whilst GoI has endeavored through its DoT and brought in the NDNC to curb the acute telemarketing menace to a little control, I am sure, many of us would share the tale that other forms of vicious, dubious, unrelenting and barbarious marketing attempts are continuing unabated. Let us see two forms of such marketing over here:
  1. Mobbing
  2. Reference Spamming
Mobbing: Spot any big technology park or a business establishment in Chennai and at the entrance of the building you can find scores of marketing agents vying with each other with printed pamphlets with some weird mobile numbers. They not only obstruct the free passage, entry and exit of people to the business establishment but also cause a lot of hullabaloo in the environment. You can also find such personal loan agents in front of ATMs.
Reference Spamming: If you had taken a credit with a bank, most probably you might be getting a lot of such calls requesting to give the numbers of your friends so that marketing can be targetted on them too. Using this reference as a shield, the banks do away the allegation of unsolicited call under the cover of ‘reference’. I would also draw your attention to our earlier discussion on this topic over here.
The latter two can be ‘contained’ if the cops are little active and come out of their shell of deep slumber and lethargy.