How would you treat people who just hop back at you only when they need something  for themselves?

These are too much mechanical days. Gone are the days of undivided families and/or kind of agraharams where everyone lived together, meeting and wishing everyone everyday or almost on every available moment. These are the days when because of necessity and invention, families are split into multiple geographic territories like parents in one country and children in totally different timezone. That is the reality. Wait. But technology has given us a truly great assets to offset this and rather gain from it too. Powerful and streamlined communication systems. Aren’t we blessed with a hassle-free private free emails? Hasn’t anyone been denied of a good cheap or free internet telephony like Google Talk?
This post is a close successor to my most recent post on ‘The Craze of Changing Mobile Numbers at their own whims and fancies …‘. Rather the straw that broke the camel’s back or which had been the inspiration for this post to get generated was the question in the post ”Do you have the number of Sasidharan?’. At least if the call started informally like ‘How are you?’ and a little Qs before barging directly into the ‘information solicitation’, it would have been tolerable. He is not reaching a customer care of a directory services for sure. Isn’t it? People had been in neighboring states of the same country, the sovereign securlar democratic republic of India but haven’t had the courtesy to even send a simple email wish during the festivals. But when it really comes for any information or service requirement for themselves, they just shamelessly knock the doors of anyone. At least in my perspective I always ensure that a friendly ‘hi’ knocks their mailboxes once in a while as a casual ping or a keepalive. I gave him another litmus test on if he replied me to a more recent email sent a couple of days before the conversation. The test ran till the midnight of 24th July 2009 00:00 hours and since that informal email failed to elicit a response, I had to adjudge him as a befitting ‘guinea pig’ for this case-study and none short than that.
Around in 2007 [roped in from my personal diary], I remember, someone from my previous organization was trying to reach me and was telling me if I could assist them or point towards some assistance with Drupal PHP Framework. Since I didn’t have much idea on what the heck was that all about, I just replied back with the following set of information. I just thought I would the bullet-point thoughts shared across here to emphasize the need for the people to-keep-in-touch with the circles rather than floating around in their own whims and fancies and knocking/bugging others only one they feel the pinch of a need.

Some of the things I replied back were: 
  • I have no idea regarding the specified framework called Drupal. If you would need, I can muster some PHP folks through my known recruitment circles and help you with. That would take a week’s time.
  • Not sure, if the entity mentioned as ‘some one’ is very important and is on a pressing need and hence I would not rather give any firm commitment from any delivery commitment from my perspective in this aspect.
  • I also expressed my dissatisfaction in that this request is being routed to me after a long sojourn of no-contact and then just as a ‘bolt-out-of-blue’, this request is bothering my attention.
In the similar vien, I have another ‘gem sample’. Some people get carried over in sharing personal contacts for proliferating on their business relationships. Typical example is that BWW-Amway guys. I believe, we have discussed about this a while back over here.
At the same time, I also feel that there are a few treasures that come out because of such rotten apples too, just like an accidental keypress that turned out to be an amicable assistance for some one in the elevator for me. A colleague of mine coming out from the same alma mater had been helping our (alumni) group good through the various organizations he had been in.
  • When he joined an insurance company in Chennai around in 2002, he could help us with a good insurance policy to enrol. Had we been visiting another new insurance agent, we would end up with a class two policy paying up a higher premium for the same, since we were in the start of the career then and not knowing how best to negotiate and clinch for a good deal.
  • He joined another private bank in 2004. He used his privileges to bargain for different loans with processing charges either heavily waived or subsidised for a number of associates in the group who were interested.

But the benefit I outlined should be treated as a one-off case. The bottomline of the story is that let us not treat others as just only information carriers/service provider piggybacking on them for selfish benefits. That does not fit the ethical spirits too.