Shoudn’t punitive acts by the government be made more stringent so that it would be deterrant for recurrence of law breaking attempts?
 This is the followup of my earlier post on BSNL CBI Campaigns on Anti Corruption Drive. I was just thinking a while back that what is causing so much of corruptions rampant in our country. Besides, the state administration taking efforts to eradicate the corruption, it seems to be prevalent so much and very much deep rooted. Also, if one flips the newspapers regarding the way government officials are treated for the negligence of duty or offence, the maximum punishment that they are meted out is Temporary Suspension or Transfer to a different place.
On the other hand, if it comes to private enterprises, punishments towards business conduct violation would be stringent, strict and in most cases go upto legal litigatory compensation from the offender upto and in most including termination of employment of the offender in the group company involved. The stringent punishment like that helps to instil a sense of fear in the minds of the employer to be loyal to the organization, honest in his deeds and friendly to the customer. But when it comes to government employment, the officers are really callous towards the rules and regulations because they know for sure, they are in ‘very safe hands’. Even if government is imposing a strict punishment on any offender, there comes politically-biased unions which save them rather unscrupulously. We are actually aware about the JACTO-GEO strikes in 2003. You can check out the post over here.
Also, very recently, the previous commissioners of police in Greater Chennai (Sekar, Radhakrishnan) were all just mute spectators in the Law College incident, which triggered so much hype across the media. We did discuss about this incident sometime back over here. I would say, the current indian police system needs a radical renaissance. At least in Chennai, after Lathika Charan and Vijaykumar (the Veerappan fame) the commissioners who have been taking charge are just dummy ones without much contributions to the civic life style protection of the people and/or adding any value to their positions. Would the state administration do something to remedy on the maladies?