The government should consider distributing its officials including the ministers throughout the state instead of keeping in one closed place of the city.

This discussion applies from the observations based from Chennai. It might be applicable to other states as well. Readers: Please feel free to share your views on this as well. A number of main ministers in the state of Tamil Nadu actually relocate to Chennai after being elected so that they can attend the daily assemblies in the secretariat. But the catch is that most of them are located within the same area. Either like MLA hostel or in posh areas of the city.  For example, I remember, Stalin was better associated with his residence in Baby Nagar (Velachery). Whilst he was in Velachery, the state administration was very particular in ensuring the civic and commuting infrastructure of the town. But once he was elected as the minister, I believe, the statutory shifting of the residence process chipped in and he was moved to Greenways Road. Perhaps similar plight and argument applies to other ministers as well from other parts of the city.

My concern is that since we have a lot of portfolios in the state and if the government could distribute the ministers across the city, it would give a lot of benefits:
  1. The civic administration agency would have a fear and would ensure that the area would be maintained in a good order.
  2. The police would ensure that law and order situation in the area and vicinity are perfect.
  3. This would also ensure that one particular area does not become cordoned off for the general public and minister-public rapport/relationship would be elevated to a greater extent. In other words, the difference between them would shrink.
  4. Since they are in different areas, they would know the problems faced by the public and help achieve the resolution quickly.

Readers: What do you say?