Truant Telemarketers seem to be bursting out gay to make the best hay whilst the sun shines …
As today’s thursday demonstrated, the telemarketers seems to be active after a good period of hibernation because of the global economic slowdown and since the economy is showing slow signs of recovery, they want to make the best out of the moments to make fastest bucks and to jump-and-escape into the wild.
At least today, I have reported two major telemarketing violations on a number which has been registered and is staying-protected with the National Do Not Call Registry of TRAI for more than two years. Either the TRAI seems to be in deep slumber or it has got tired of these truant telemarketers or these telemarketers are entering into a bargaining spree of pitching hot sales deal versus penalties to be paid for reported and booked violations, taking into account of the less penetration of NDNC knowledge amongst the masses. In this juncture, it is our responsibility to ensure that we contribute to the nation in ensuring that every mobile user is brought under NDNC protection, subject to their interest of abhor towards those smelly telemarketing nuisances.
We would need to we wary of these telemarketers who just sell off crazy unsolicited things draining our wallets, filling up our mailboxes with rubbish and piling up our brains with tensions of multiple creed and kind.