Hostile Hi. What prevents one to politely excuse back with an amicable bye!
This is a little followup of my previous post “How would you treat people who just hop back at you only when they need something for themselves?“. Today afternoon I had to confront one such creature near my workplace. I never had any affinity to ‘it’. And no sooner did I sit in my workstation this sniffed near me with a cunningly curious and a prank-tainted pleasant ‘hi’.
Since I have been following a simple logic of not to entertain such creatures I just to chose to ignore it. I would like to comment on its attitude and (mis)deamenour it was demonstrating by showing all sorts of long faces because describing it would mean feeding the troll and encouraging them. Let us uphold the spirit of ‘Do not feed the trolls’. The basic idea of this post is to serve as a guideline/eyeopener for other people to be wary of such creatures around them.
And similarly when it comes to prank calls and unsolicited telemarketing calls, I don’t think one should be too much carried over by them. We have a lot of ways to tackle them elegantly:
  1. Reverse Telemarketing 
  2. Mission Hilarity
  3. Infinite Sink

    (We may need request services like (1) and (3) to our respective cellular operators in getting those implemented)

  4. Or simply, as we have discussed above, when the telemarketer says ‘Hi’, you reply ‘Bye’. [Tit for Tat]