High BP near IBP Petrol Bunk in Medavakkam
The IBP Petrol Bunk near Medavakkam, a growing suburb in Chennai seems to be an eternal nightmare for passerbys of all sorts and creed — be them commuters of public transportation or private motorists. One can witness the callousness of traffic cops in their conspicuous absence to enforce discipline in the area besides the lot of stray cattle that loiters around endangering themselves besides throwing open a grave insecure road for the motorists.
I have personally registered a Chennai City Traffic Police complaint through the Internet Complaint Cell vide Complaint ID ‘CTPCO00679’ around the fourth week of August but hitherto the complaint is still in the status like ‘Your complaint CTPCO00679 is being reviewed’. 
Hence I just thought of sharing  the state of affair of the road with others too. Last week while commuting through this stretch when I saw the IBP petrol bunk the name made me think that this is really making the blood vessels to bump high and low. The badly constructed speed breaker with incorrect gradient also is for sure to give you a rough jolt when you negotiate the stretch. At least till CCTP wakes up from the slumber to address the menace, we ought to exercise an extra bit of caution whilst negotiating through this  Velachery – Tambaram state highway 48 (also known as  Marmalong – Irumbuliyur Road).