Citibank strikes back on another illegitimate telemarketing spree
Citibank India is notorious for the following underworld things
  1. Illegal telemarketing. They simply do not care about scrubbing their telephone number database against NDNC catalog. We also shared another interesting incident with Citibank Telemarketer over here. Today before sharing out this thought, when I did a quick Internet Search on telemarketing, I got this link, which goes to any extent proving that Citigroup worldwide has this bad telemarketing policy. The said discussion in FlyerTalk discussion forums applies to Citigroup in USA.
  2.  Plethora of hidden charges of diversified categories
  3. Indisciplined collection agents

Well! Let us get back to the most recent comedy show staged by Citibank today morning. I had an interesting call from +914443504807 today around 1102 hours claiming that by virtue of having a salary account with Citibank they are offering free Titanium Credit Cards. When I challenged the telemarketer regarding her right to call a number covered by NDNC, she totally did not have any clue on the same. The caller failed to introduce herself politely but barged into offering an unsolicited Titanium credit card. By issuing an unsolicited Titanium credit cards, is Citibank driving India to become like another Titanic ship?

There was a very similar incident that happened three months back. When I reported the same to Citibank team besides their Head Service and India Grievance, they were taking about four weeks time and assured of no-future-calls henceforth.  I doubt whether Citibank system administrator formats the database systems and creates new desktops every three months? In my previous conversation about exactly three months back I could assertively tell the Citibank team itself that I can expect another NDNC violation by Citigroup and they have proved it exactly.
In the latest report, I have written to the following people on the entire history of telemarketing violations. Let me update on the responsible replies or fabricated stories that they come out with.
Let us hope to see if at least one mailbox owner is awake to look into what is going wrong with Citibank India.  I have also suggested them a reading of  the document on required telemarketing practices in India ( This document is written in plain simple English and I have a little hope that they can understand it. If not, we should help them with the address of VETA.