The sorry state of Indian Police force and the dire need for the state to bring a reformation in them real quick
Recently we have been discussing about the callous attitude of the cops and over here. I was just wondering if the state and central administration are ever bothered to bring some improvement in the general functioning of the police system in India. At least in my personal view, I have seen the best commissioner in Chennai was Ms. Lathika Charan and then the subsequent guy (Vijaykumar), who was also part of the Veerappan mission. All others who have succeeded to capture the chair does not seem to be contributing their full heart and soul in ensuring a tangible peace and harmony of the state. Though this post has been captioned ‘Indian Police’, the most of the discussions are epicentered around Chennai Police from where I have quoted a good number of examples. Of course based on the various news sources we also get to know that similar maladies are afflicting other states as well.
If it is a private organization anywhere in the world when there is a non-performing asset, they immediately quarantine him besides subjecting him to innumerable amount of extra tests and stresses; of course with a good intent of making him to realise his folly and to ensure that he contributes to the organization which gives him his paycheck. However, this one yardstick of measuring the performance and/or the whip to eliminate menace of rotten apples in the basket seems to be seriously missing in state-owned organizations, which is giving them an undue protection to an enhanced elevated heights even to the extent of harassing innocent people. Some of the quick jottings that I could think about the maladies from the cops are:
  1. A tendency to shriek their moral responsibility like refusing to register FIR for complaints tendered to them.
  2. An excessive amount of inertia to look into people’s concerns.
  3. An anti-people sentiment in that only when their pockets are filled and palms are greased, the services are being rendered. Take for example any services related to passport. Though they have something called police verification, unless you part with a few bucks to the local cops, the verification file would not move from their desk.
  4. And still our female fraternity can not confidently walk into any police station to redress their issues.
  5. As films like ‘Pokkiri’ demonstrate, an unwarranted support and/or protection rendered by a few rotten apples in the department to the accused spoils the entire fine fabric of them.
The need of the hour is that the state should bring a radical renaissance in the police system eliminating all rotten apples in all cadres in toto without any mercy of whatever creed or kind and without any bias or sans any preconcieved notions or prejudices. I am sure that this is a greatest task that our state administration can take for the welfare of the society. And similar to private organizations where they usually do the exercises like ‘downsizing’ and ‘restructuring’ to ensure that the bloated fat stuck in many parts of the body of the organization are operated upon and removed, this would help a great way for the national exchequer in constructive diversion of the people’s tax in nation’s welfare.
Would our UPA government think a little constructive and people-friendly terms to eliminate the maladies afflicting the police system?