The TN Cops SMS does not seem to be yet timely and effective…
Sometime back the cops in Chennai launched a SMS initiative that you can send in a text message to 95000 99100 and within fifteen minutes a callback from the control room or a patrol team would reach the vicinity of the victim seems to far from reality.  I have an instance of a friend needing to use this when he was traumatised in an emergency situation on October 29, 2009.  There weren’t any response from the cops for more than an hour.  With support from his neighborhood and I had to personally drive to his place at an odd hour of 2 AM to provide some support for him.
Only around 2 AM there was one missed call attempt by a local cop but it was too late for anyone to notice in that hour. The next day morning again there was one missed call from the number +914423452381 (around 07:28 on 30th October 2009) which traces out to be from Chennai Commissioner Office. If it is going to take more than six hours for them to act on emergency situations, where are we heading towards planning in an emergency situations? We have a long way to go. The state-central administration have to wake up from its deep slumber to kick the lazy guys in the Police department to maintain more vigil. At least as of now, they are just calling to close off the ‘ticket-requests’ and to ‘boost up’ the number of requests being serviced or to close the file as ‘party not reachable’. These can be handled by machines. What we need is more human responsibility. Would these be available from our cops?