India Posts Goof Up — Money Orders No Longer to serve what we write under ‘Space for Communications’
My recent visit to Guindy Industrial Estate Post Office to do some money transfers through Money Order seemed to be a nightmare. The teller told me that the money order forms are not going to be sent to the other post office anymore. They would key in the address through the Internet-connected PC and the post office in the beneficiary party’s area would pull out the address and make the requirement payments. Though this has been brought in with a good intent of speedier services, the following issues have been grossly overlooked by the department of posts.
  1. The Internet Money Order as they claim would not carry ‘Space for Communications’. If needed, we can request for a separate (and that not in synchronized fashion) postal card towards this purpose. So for magazines when we send subscriptions for money order, things are going to be really confusions galore for them.
  2. Sometime back they brought in versions of money order like ‘Express Money Order’ etc with varying tariff slabs on each. Select post offices denied accepting the normal money orders in preference to these. I believe this is the height of the money order goof up that the department is venturing into.

The money orders have been used by a large section of the country and typically from villages. The space for communication has been serving a real definitive means for the purpose of money order. I believe some one in the department would look into this issue as quicky as possible and bring some remedy to this issue.