Private security agencies in Chennai, India — Do they make us feel truly secure?

There are a lot of security agencies that currently multinational companies, banks and business establishments hire to protect their assets from untoward happenings. The reputed name amongst them is SDB Cisco who also have their website at

Background of this post:  I am not associated with SDB Cisco in anyway. This review is based on my witnessing a few incidents with reference to SDB Cisco personnel that I would like to share with other readers.

Of late, I have three observations spanning about an year and a half with reference to SDB security personnel, which I just thought would share with other interested readers for their benefits too:

  1.  The people-friendliness of the security personnel has been steeply coming down these days. I had a visit to Cognizant office located near Anna Flyover sometime back. Whilst I was waiting for my friend to come and meet me outside, I saw one fresher asking to meet the HR. The security just pulled the copy of resume and told him that he would submit it.  A few minutes later, he just trashed it to the recycle bin. At least on a good samaritan gesture, he should have advised him to email the HR or pertinent personnel so that a few bucks could have been saved for that poor job seeker.
  2. A few months back I had another instance of SDB security personnel near a business establishment in T Nagar.  A friend of mine is working over there. He used to say that the security personnel talk very freely and time to time they would openly ask you for ten rupees and twenty rupees for tea and other things.
  3. I had personally witnessed a SDB security personnel in Standard Chartered Adyar (Lattice Bridge Road) ATM chit-chatting with his friend, unmindful of his moral responsibility of managing the crowd to form a streamlined queue. He was also helping one of his associate to preempt and enter the ATM violating the queue. I did complain to SCB  and the branch manager took up the issue for investigation about a few months back.
  4. In another technology park in Chennai the SDB security personnel who was operating the elevator rudely asked ‘What salary?’ to a guy who was coming with his resume for an interview. I don’t know what is the reason for the security to ask about salary to the visitor?

Almost all of the incidents narrated above relate to the security personnel with SDB Cisco in their uniform and badges. I did report them to from time to time but never they seem to be focussing on quality of their staff.

I think organizations intending to outsource their security requirements to bigger names should be wary of the type of quality service offered by them and not just lured by their brand name and identity. We would need to put our own due diligence effort into ensuring quality output from the service provider.