E-Shopping Stores in India
These days when everything can be done through the click of the mouse, shopping is not an exception in anyway. This trend is picking up good in even the small cities of India. I have an experience with the following shopping websites:
  1. IndiaPlaza (previously Fabmall)
  2. Sify Shopping (now powered by IndiaPlaza)
  3. Rediff Shopping
  4. IndiaTimes Shopping
Besides these you can find scores of bigger, medium and small merchants offering their merchandise for their sale through their own websites’ shopping section. A few of them that could be quoted as a good example are:
  1. RMKV (Apparels)
  2. The Chennai Silks
Fabmall has a number of offline stores and business establishments where you can purchase their gift vouchers too and redeem it online. Also they have a very reliable customer service. The newest kid in thier family (Sify Shopping) upholds this tradition too. A few years back they had a Diwali contest which I was also a winner.
IndiaTimes shopping is known for its worst business practices. Some of them below:
  1. A buggy website that throws error messages from time to time like ‘Error executing query’.
  2. Orders canceled without intimation and a prolonged time to refund the amount.
  3. Hidden fine prints for options like Lufthansa Miles that you would need to have so much miles to redeem which they surreptiously use in conjunction with (2) to make you cough out extra bucks out of your wallet.
  4. The feedback/response queries are not replied. Worse yet requests sent via their own feedback form elicit an email delivery failure from their maibox to our inbox.

I just thought of sharing a quick brainstorming view of the eshopping in India and there is a dire need for the state administration to intervene and bring some discipline here too.