It doesn’t mean spam can support floral fantasies and bring in any fragrance to the desktops through the wire …
I have compiled a list of websites that post junk comments across weblogs with just plain words like ‘Nice content’ and a link back to their website. A few of those websites are: [not hyperlinked]
All of them have been posted with the same authorname as ‘Shallu’.
I have been getting at least half a dozen of spam comments fortunately entrapped by Blogger/Wordpress spam engines.  Nevertheless, I just thought of sharing out these websites with other bloggers/readers for the following reasons:
  1. Businesses that try to thrive on free advertising or piggybacking on others for a free ride can not considered trustworthy.
I have reported these domains to Ministry of Information Technology besides the respective registrars too. I admit that without a concrete CAN-SPAM like act to contain spam it is little difficult to completely eradicate these spammers.
The Spam Report of Flower Domains can be viewed from here as PDF.