Misuse of Power and Responsibility
I just thought of sharing out this observation wherein people at least in this part of the country (Chennai) are kind of crazily, aggressively, boisterously fond of misusing the ethical powers vested with them in a significant unethical fashion besides demonstrating a high degree of irresponsibility in upholding their responsibility. Since it is quite a broad topic, I just thought I would touch base on the same through a few incidents which might be acting and substantiating to us as salient succinct examples:
  1. In our most recent post on ‘To Negotiate or to Litigate‘ we covered a topic about a foul-mouthed ill-minded neighbor who was nurturing illwill only to be silenced in a war-footing basis. Using him as a guinea pig, I could deduce one irresponsible person working right in the Inspector General office. This person being a lady was threatening everyone in support of that deranged neighbor to ensure that everyone succumb to his avaricious greedy needs. Not sure whether they had any undertable money exchange or beyond that but that is not part of our discussion. To summarize, this particular lady had misused her power and responsibility being in Chennai City Police to unleash a kind of rowdism in our otherwise peaceful area/apartment.
  2. This again belongs to the same neighbor that we described in (1). One of his daughters seems to have secured employment in a reputed two-letter hardware-cum-software multinational organization based in Chennai. Whilst she had miserably failed in the previous interviews with the same organization, she had to take help of her brother-in-law who was in a more commanding position in the same organization and thus her technical impoverishment and medical challenges including histories of epilepsies have been meticulously suppressed not to mention about a quick bouts of promotions she is found boasting almost every two months. This stands clear of misuse of responsibility given by the organization to an individual to further their advances in the organization.
  3. These days where there is a feeling of insecurity everywhere and the private security folks deployed in many business establishments and task forces deployed by the state police in arterial places like railway stations and temples etc. These people do not care to check the affluent people and/or people from high ranks but when it comes to a poor/common man, they would frisk him to the core till his last droplet of red blood cell and white blood cell. The following are the inferences from these observations:
    1. Misuse of responsibility of the security folks in not checking the affluent thus exposing the otherwise secure area into grave security concerns. What if the affluent guy himself had previously turned into a human bomb and had come to blow off that place? Should the security folks treat everybody on par? They don’t check the affluent in an base attempt to flatter them and advance their career/monetary prospects.
    2. Sometimes the security folks throw off the responsibility to the air and bring in a curiosity in their looks on the various goods that are in the bag and baggage of the visitors. It is not uncommon for anyone arriving from international destinations to airports like Chennai and Mumbai only to witness a few of the goods in the checkin baggage mysteriously missing out (and as a matter of fact they have been forcibly parted as a philanthropic donation to the customs officials at the airport)
We can always get a lot of such incidents in our day-to-day life. There is nothing we can do to totally abolish these. We can only try to be as much proactive as possible to nip off such things in bud, take preventive care so that such things don’t affect us directly in any way and strenghten the fortress of our residence and business from such people.