Citibank Date Jugglery
Whilst just updating the response from Citibank to my previous experience with them, I just realized another big folly that they had made with reference to the dates. Whilst the original report was registered with them on November 18th (which is succinctly visible from the same original email), the response given by them on November 19th clearly states as a reference to my report registered on November 28th 2009.
It looks like Citibank has a time machine which can travel ahead in future too. I have attached a sectional screenshot of the conversation along with this note for the information of everyone. Furthermore, this comes from the desk of their head customercare. I have also registered another note with them clarifying on this front. In the screenshot, I have masked the names, reference numbers and contact information leaving the offending dates alone marked and highlighted in red for quick reference.
Let me update this post with what they come up as a response to this issue.