Dreaded Numerical Juggleries
Recently we had an opportunity to see about a data jugglery unleashed by Citibank. Whilst I posted this, I just recalled about three similar incidents about numerical transpositions (aka) juggleries by similar organizations which I just thought I would share it across here:
Note: Specific account numbers and confidential numbers may have been masked or replaced suitably by fictious replacements for security reasons. If you are a statutory administration authority wanting more proof, please contact me through the ‘Contact Us’ form and I would be able to coordinate with you after due diligence verification of your credentials.
  1. Recently it happened that I had to close one of the previous organization’s salary account with Standard Chartered. The Standard Chartered was kind enough to send in a banker’s cheque for the amount of INR 95.56. When I duly deposited the same to the current Citibank ATM they had tried to process the cheque for the amount as INR 9556 encountering a cheque bounce and then again retrying the same. Are they so much blind to have missed the dot in the figure. Is ninety four thousand sixty rupees and forty four paise such silly amount of negligible difference for Citibank India?
  2. A few years back Birla Sun Life Insurance processed the premium payment. Though the premium amount was 2000 rupees and the policy number was like 96687, the premium paid receipt was showing as ‘Recieved with thanks the premium amount of Ninety Six Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Seven only’. After bringing this to thier attention, they again sent me the corrected reciepts.
  3. This happened with Alagappa University. While my registration number was like 983214 and one of the marksheets was indicating the status for one of the papers as AAA (absent). After trying to bring in a comprehensive investigation it was found that the actual candidate who was absent from the examination was 983241. The examinations department had callously replaced the last two digits of the registration number.

I just thought I would share these simple-to-look numerical juggleries and transpositions of digits but which have significant and serious impact on the business on hand.