Should we give some rest to ‘Nuclear …’?
We very well remember the devastating effects of nuclear warfare that sabotaged two important cities in Japan in the year 1945 as part of World War II (WWII). Despite this there are stiff competing from multiple quarters towards this dreaded ‘nuclear’ concept both at nations’ and family level. Well. Let me simplify the story further.
  1. At the nations’ level, each nation trying to compete with each other to fortify their armed forces in terms of nuclear armaments is setting a cloud of hostility amongst the world. Even for our country, Pakistan and China involving in nuclear tests is setting deep tensions in this area. Any nations’ move towards nuclear testing dissident from the globally accepted ‘Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty‘ is strongly condemnable and vehemently opposable by anyone. Such vectors need to be quarantined regardless of their positions and virtues.
  2. Let us see the other factor related to ‘Nuclear …’. The growing trend in these days’ family affairs is proliferation of nuclear family concept and breakdown of joint family concept for very mundane reasons. Any quick to comprehensive research on Nuclear Vs Joint family brings to the surface a number of disadvantags of nuclear family over joint family. A few of them are summarized below:
    1. Gross neglect of parents’ welfare who have given their hard work to grow the current crew of the nuclear family.
    2. Mounting stress on the crew and their offsprings of the nuclear family because there is no elderly to properly guide them in the immediate family circles.
    3. Nuclear family brings a kind of selfish-mind with own blood-related kit and kin.
    4. The children miss the love and affection of grandparents, uncle, aunt etc.
    5. Separate housing for nuclear family increases the necessity of realty space consumption and separate cost of living setup.
    6. The noble gesture and attitude of ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Adjustment’ in lieu of ‘Adamant Attitude’ comes in a joint family setup as against in nuclear family.
    7. When a problem crops up in a joint family there is a colloborative effect that comes up towards arriving at the cordial solution towards the problem.

I admit that the atom or nucleus is the innermost undivisible entity in anything. At the same time, I would say it would be advisable to eradicate the social malefic practices based on the word ‘nucleus’ as we described above.