A Quick One Hour Amnesia of Bharti Airtel
As described in my good citizenship gesture, I duly reported the issue of Citibank telemarketing war to my cellular Operator (Bharti Airtel). I recieved an automatic acknowledgement in less than five minutes and a manual confirmation of registering a report within thirty minutes. Sounds good. Isn’t it. So far so good.
But the manual reply I got had the salutation like ‘Dear Mr. Krishnamurthy’. It had been duly addressed to some one else. That reflects how much care Bharti Airtel takes towards customer data security in quickly divulging one customer info to another. A few years back we have witnessed another incident wherein another customer’s bill was found tucked in along with mine in my envelop.
This has again been reported back to Bharti Airtel. Let us see how they are going to respond to this folly.